Buy Cheap glock 19 for sale – glock for sale

glock for sale – glock 19 for sale

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1glock 19 for sale Length (Overall)**187 mm | 7.36 inch
2Slide Length174 mm | 6.85 inch
3Width (Overall)32 mm | 1.26 inch
4Slide Width25,5 mm | 1.0 inch
5Height incl.Mag.128 mm | 5.04 inch
6Line of Sight (Polymer)153 mm | 6.02 inch
Line of Sight (Steel)152 mm | 5.98 inch
Line of Sight (GNS)151 mm | 5.94 inch
7Trigger Distance**71,2 mm | 2.80 inch

*FOR GEN4/GEN5 MODELS: Check out the Gen5 and Gen4 Technology area for medium/large backstraps. 

Technical Data are rounded and do not reflect tolerances – they may be altered without notice! Subject to technical changes.

Glock 19 – Buy glock 19 for sale online

The Glock 19 for sale online is a versatile, compact 9mm pistol designed to function as a concealed carry or back-up handgun for those who want the reliability and accuracy of a Glock in a smaller package. The safe action system on the G19 is second to none, and that coupled with the wide range of magazine capacities makes this the only CCW you’ll ever need. Weighing in at 30.

16 oz loaded, with an overall length of 7.36 inches, the compact Glock 19 9mm found right here at Omaha Outdoors is serious firepower sized to carry. Own one of the most sought-after handguns on the market, in the color and variation you want, at a low Glock 19 price also link up on this website


The Glock 19 pistol is a staple in the 9mm handgun industry. Versatility, ease of use, reliability, and accuracy best describe this pistol along with many other characteristics. It is a favorite among law enforcement agencies and an excellent pistol for home defense and concealed carry. Palmetto State Armory is your online source for Glock 19 guns, 9mm ammo, and Glock magazines.

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Shop for Glock 19 online

Whether you’re a gun aficionado or this is your first time buying or selling a Glock 19, you’ve made the right choice in We make the site registration process fast, free and secure, which means you can spend less time filling out forms and more time bidding on Glock pistols like the ever-popular, widely used Glock 19. View all Glock 19s for sale today! At, you can buy a Glock 19 with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Glock Relied on by Many

A lightweight, reliable and affordable pistol, Glock 19s are renowned for their simplicity of design and relentless durability, so much so that they’re resistant to rust and can withstand repeated abuse. Just ask the New York City Police Department and countless others in law enforcement who rely on the Glock 19 every day. Many soldiers are also equipped with Glock 19s, and it’s not uncommon for them to drag these semi-automatic pistols through water and mud in the most extreme conditions.

A Versatile Handgun

Glock 19s in general are as useful for concealed carry as they are as backup weapons and on indoor and outdoor shooting ranges – and they’re also a popular choice at shooting competitions. The standard Glock 19 can hold 15 rounds, so you can fire, fire and fire away without hesitation due to its patented striker-fired trigger mechanism. Are you ready to buy a Glock 19 yet?

Glock 19 Model information

If you’re in search of a particular Glock 19 for sale, look around because our auctions make buying a Glock 19 a reality! And if it’s Glock 19 model information you seek, you don’t have to go far:

the Product Center is filled with Glock 19 specs, images, reviews and more.

Reliability and simplicity have made GLOCK® G19 Semi-Auto Pistol one of the most widely used sidearms in law enforcement worldwide. The G19 is a mid-size pistol, shooting the 9x19mm pistol cartridge (9mm Parabellum), a standard military round that’s easy to find ammo for anywhere. The GLOCK 19 is a short-recoil operated, striker-fire semi-automatic pistol. Click for more info on

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