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The Glock 40 cal pistol for sale online is an ideal handgun for those who want stopping power that falls right in between the .45 and the 9mm. Carried by law enforcement and government agencies, the Glock 40 S&W is a remarkable pistol for concealed carry, competition shooting, and duty service. 40

Glock models come in the full-size G22, compact G23, competition-ready G24 and G35, as well as the subcompact G27, and in colors ranging from an eye-catching Tiffany Blue to an unassuming cloak of FDE/Tan, Spartan Bronze, or Gray. Also available in MOS configurations, nothing comes close to the versatility of the 40 caliber Glock. Get yours for a rock-bottom Glock 40 cal price at Omaha Outdoors.

The Glock 40 is a monster of a pistol. At 10mm, it packs enough punch to stop even the biggest of baddies with ease. Many people are turned off by the size of the Glock 40 because it is so large. But, there are many concealed carriers who have made their carry piece a double stack 10mm, simply because they want to pack more punch! A Gen 4 Glock has some additional features that gives it an advantage over its predecessors (Glock 19 vs Glock 17).

The frame on the fourth generation glocks feature finger grooves which allows for better grip and comfort when holding onto your weapon during intense situations. Also, each Gen 4 comes standard with Trijicon night sights to allow for accurate shots in low light conditions. One of the most noticeable physical features on a Glock 40 Gen 4 is the accessory rail. This allows for easy attachment of flashlights, laser sights, and other tactical gear as needed during different situations.

Ultimately, what bullets you will use to stop your enemy with the Glock 40 depends upon your situation at hand! Unfortunately, the only downside would have to be the weight. The Glock 40 is so large that many people cannot bear to carry it around all day. It does not help that it weighs about 2 pounds with nothing on it!

So, if you are somebody who wants a lighter, smaller gun for concealment purposes (and comfort) then this may not be your cup of tea. The Glock 40 Gen 4 is an excellent choice for anybody looking for an extremely reliable and accurate gun with minimal recoil. Many people who use this pistol swear by its performance and power; even though it is overkill at times, most people appreciate any advantage they can get when taking down their target!

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Glock 40 Gen 4 Features

The Glock 40 Gen 4 is a full-size, long-slide competition and duty pistol chambered in 10mmAuto.  The long slide provides an 8.3 inch sight radius for better accuracy and houses a 6.02 inch barrel, giving the 10mm cartridge more muzzle velocity.  Its 15 round magazine provides a high standard capacity over other 10mm pistols on the market, and it has a reversible magazine release to accommodate both left and right hand users.

Reliability and simplicity of use have made GLOCK 24 for sale pistols a favored sidearm all over the world. The GLOCK 40 mos for sale Gen4 MOS Semi-Auto Pistol is designed as a serious hunting, tactical, or competition handgun. The 40 cal Glock shoots the powerful 10mm cartridge, capable of downing deer, hogs, and bear. The long slide reduces muzzle flip considerably to keep the user on target during rapid fire, and also increases sight radius.

The 40 mm glock Gen4 MOS comes from the factory with a Modular Optic System milled into the top of the slide for mounting aftermarket reflex and red dot sights. The glock gen 3 40 MOS slide comes with a removable cover plate that fills the milled out area, and 4 brand-specific adapter plates and a hex wrench. The pistol also has a white dot front sight, and an adjustable white outline rear sight.

A modular back strap allows shooters to instantly customize the grip to an individual shooter’s hand size, or to cold weather gloves. The polymer frame utilizes GLOCK 23 gen full size Rough Texture to provide a sure hold on the pistol in adverse conditions, and the enlarged magazine catch is reversible, accommodating left or right-handed shooters.

An integral accessory rail in front of the trigger guard allows for the attachment of a plethora of aftermarket tactical flashlights or laser sights. The GLOCK 40 for sale Gen4 MOS Semi-Auto Pistol is an ultra-reliable, accurate and extremely controllable handgun, making it an ideal choice for outdoorsmen and competitors alike. Ships with three 15-round magazines. click on or Wikipedia for more.

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