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The buy glock 47 near me Gen5 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol is the semi-compact crossover many have desired for years. The G45 is a hybrid between a Glock 19 and a Glock 17. You’ll get the shorter slide assembly (4.02″ Barrel) from the 19 paired with the longer grip of the 17. For some hands, the Glock 19 grip is a little too short. That’s where the 45 steps in.

GLOCK 45 Gen5 9mm Semi-Auto Pistol

The G45 comes with the same popular upgrades of all Generation 5 GLOCK pistols like the Glock Marksman Barrel and overall elimination of leaf springs, which have since been replaced by new coil spring designs for increased longevity and reliability. The slide release is ambidextrous and the magazine catch is reversible. The slide has factory serrations on the front and back. Plus, the front of the firearm is now beveled for easier reholstering.

The 45 fits almost any 19 holster. The slide and barrel feature GLOCK 17p latest ion-bonded nDLC coating, which is a truer black to previous generations with improved ability to function in dry conditions. A long-requested feature, the front strap no longer has finger grooves, allowing any finger size to fit comfortably around the grip. Used glock 20 MBS (Modular Backstrap System) allows you the ability to add or remove additional backstop pieces, including a beaver tail for those with larger hands. This eliminates slide bite. In front of the trigger guard you’ll also receive an integral accessory rail for a wide variety of light and laser accessories. Includes three 17 round flush-fit magazines.

Glock Gen 4 Competition Pistol

Glock’s® Generation 4 Competition Pistol combines classic Glock 17 used reliability and revolutionary design changes to create handguns that dominate competitive shooting. Polymer grips feature the modular backstrap design which allows for easily interchanging backstraps, creating a custom grip to fit any hand size.

Polymer frame has a gas nitride finish to up surface hardness and corrosion resistance, creating a long-lasting gun. Glock g40 for sale Gen4 rough textured technology covers the surface of the frame and, combined with rear cocking serrations, provides a phenomenal grip when cocking, no matter the conditions. Glock dual-recoil spring assembly lessens recoil and increases the pistol’s durability. Reversible magazine catch accommodates left- and right-handed shooters. Adjustable sights.

  • Polymer grips
  • Polymer frame with a gas nitride finish
  • Dual-recoil spring assembly lessens recoil
  • Reversible magazine catch

The 19x is the semi-auto pistol GLOCK g30s ® designed for the U.S. military’s Modular Handgun System (MHS), and is now available for civilian purchase. The 19x has many of the features of the new Gen 5 series pistols on a full-size, model 17 9mm major frame, with a compact model 19 slide and barrel assembly. The full grip makes it easy to grab the gun from a carry position and enhances shooter control. The shorter slide makes the gun faster to draw with less slide to clear a holster, and the shorter sight radius makes the gun faster to start and stop on target.

The slide and main metal parts of the glock 38 bullets 19x semi-automatic pistol come with an ion-bonded, nDLC coating in Coyote brown, for increased protection against corrosion and scratching, and improved ability to function in dry conditions with minimal lubrication. The muzzle end of the slide has been beveled for smooth draw and snagless reholstering. The finger grooves have been eliminated on the 19x frame to enhance speed of getting the shooter’s fingers into a correct hold. An ambidextrous slide stop lever accommodates both right- and left-handed shooters. A Marksman barrel with polygonal rifling provides exceptional accuracy.

Rough textured frame surface (RTF) on the Coyote polymer frame provides a sure hold on the pistol when hands are wet or sweaty, and the enlarged magazine catch is reversible. An integral accessory rail in front of the trigger guard allows for the attachment of a plethora of aftermarket tactical accessories. The 19x Semi-Auto Pistol features the simplicity and reliability that have made 30s GLOCK pistols a favored sidearm for law enforcement, military, and civilian use all over the world. click on google or Wikipedia for more

  • Designed for the U.S. military’s MHS
  • Model 17 Gen 5 polymer frame
  • Model 19 slide and barrel assembly
  • Ion-bonded, nDLC slide coating
  • No finger grooves
  • Marksman barrel
  • Beveled slide
  • Ambi slide stop
  • Rough textured frame
  • Integral accessory rail
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